Ambulance Service Khulna-All Bangladesh.

ambulance service in khulna.We provide AC Ambulance, Non AC Ambulance, Freezing Ambulance, And life support (ICU) Ambulance Services in khulna to Dhaka,seba ambulance Company provides Emergency Ambulance services with 24-hour service.01786-433932

Ambulance Service Bangladesh.

AC Ambulance Service

The AC Ambulance service in Khulna districts and Dhaka City. We provide AC, non-AC, Freezing, and ICU ambulance services. we provide emergency ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. Seba Ambulance company is the largest and most trusted company in Bangladesh. We provide different types of ambulance services. When you need an ambulance then call our helpline.

24-hour emergency ambulance service is available in Dhaka city, We are always ready to provide emergency ambulance service. Best ambulance with High-quality service granted for you.

Freezing Ambulance Service.

The freezing ambulance is called a dead body carrier Car, It has a freezing compartment inside the vehicle that is Special to contain a dead body, and the ice compartment protects the dead body from decay. if how long the distance would have passed the body, The ambulance handled the body properly in temperatures below -7 degrees. Even if the body is inside the ambulance, there is no chance of stench or internal infection.

If you need to transport the dead body From one place to another, A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance.

The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body for several days. People who want to keep their blood relation, and dead body intact from viruses for several days.
you can rent a freezing ambulance from us. Sometimes bodies arrive from abroad or require more time before burial. In that case, you need this ambulance service.

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ICU Ambulance Service Khulna to Dhaka

Intensive Care Unit ICU ambulance is a specially equipped medical vehicle designed to transport critically ill patients who require intensive medical care and monitoring during transportation. These ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and trained medical personnel to provide the highest level of care to patients while they are being transported between medical facilities or from the scene of an emergency to a hospital.

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