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A Freezing Ambulance service in Dhaka-Bangladesh.It is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has a freezing box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body for several hours and days. Contact us now, at 01786433932

What is a dead body carrier ambulance

a dead body carrier ambulance” is a vehicle specifically designed and equipped to transport deceased individuals from the location where they were found or pronounced dead to a morgue or funeral home. These ambulances are equipped with specialized features to ensure the respectful and hygienic transportation of deceased persons. They typically have compartments or stretchers designed to  securely hold the body and may also have temperature control systems to preserve the body during transportation. These ambulances are used by emergency services, coroners, funeral homes, and other relevant agencies to handle the transportation of deceased individuals.

Why need freezing Van ambulance 

A freezing ambulance vehicle, also known as a refrigerated or cold storage ambulance, is needed in certain situations to preserve a dead body, particularly when the body needs to be stored for an extended period.

Prolonged storage: In some cases, there may be delays in the processing of the deceased, such as during investigations, legal proceedings, or when family members need time to make arrangements. A refrigerated ambulance provides a controlled environment to preserve the body until it can be properly handled.

Hot climates: In regions with hot climates or during summer months, high temperatures can accelerate the decomposition of a body. Refrigeration helps slow down this process, maintaining the body in a better condition until arrangements can be made.

Forensic purposes: When a body is part of a forensic investigation or legal case, preserving its integrity is crucial for gathering evidence or conducting autopsies. Cold storage helps maintain the body’s condition for forensic examination.

Transportation: Sometimes, deceased individuals need to be transported over long distances or across borders. Refrigeration ensures that the body remains preserved during transit, preventing further decomposition.

Overall, a freezing ambulance vehicle serves as a vital resource in maintaining the dignity of the deceased and facilitating the necessary procedures following a death, especially in circumstances where traditional storage methods may not suffice.

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Types of Freezing Ambulance

A “freezing ambulance” typically refers to specialized ambulances designed to maintain very low temperatures inside the vehicle. These types of ambulances are used for specific purposes such as organ transport, transportation of bodies, or even for scientific research purposes. Here are the primary types of vehicles used as freezing ambulances:

  1. Organ Transport Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Transporting organs for transplantation.
    • Features: Equipped with refrigeration units to keep organs at the required low temperatures to maintain their viability until they reach the transplant recipient.
  2. Mortuary Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Transporting deceased individuals.
    • Features: Includes refrigeration to preserve the body during transit, which is particularly important for long-distance transportation.
  3. Cryogenic Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Transporting cryogenically preserved bodies or biological samples.
    • Features: Advanced refrigeration systems capable of maintaining extremely low temperatures, often using liquid nitrogen or similar substances.
  4. Pharmaceutical Transport Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Transporting temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines.
    • Features: Refrigeration units that can be set to specific temperatures as required by the pharmaceutical products being transported.
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