Barisal Ambulance Service to Dhaka

Ambulance Service in barisal. We provide emergency ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. Seba Ambulance Company is the biggest and trusted ambulance company in Bangladesh. We provide many types of ambulance services. When you need an ambulance then call our Contac number.

Barisal AC Ambulance Service

There are many benefits of using Barisal AC Ambulance Service. If a person falls ill and wants to go to the hospital for care then take the fast service ambulance service. Additionally, ambulances are equipped with oxygen and defibrillator machines, which allow first aiders to help patients in cardiac emergencies.

Maintaining maximum patient safety is the cornerstone of AC ambulance services. We use different heating and cooling to provide the most suitable environment for the patient. Our weather in Bangladesh is very hot. Hence AC Ambulance services are required for better treatment of patients in case of emergency.

AC Ambulance provides additional comfort to patients with low fares. That’s why we are a very popular AC Ambulance Supply in Bangladesh, providing first aid to patients in our AC Ambulance. We make sure to provide whatever the patient needs on time. In addition to this, we also provide general non-AC ambulance services. It has the most advantages.

Freezing Ambulance Service

If you’re inquiring about how dead bodies are transported via ambulance this is called Freezing Ambulance services in Barisal during freezing temperatures, it’s essential to ensure that proper procedures are followed to maintain the dignity of the deceased and adhere to health and safety regulations.

An emergency freezer ambulance, also known as a mortuary ambulance, is a specialized vehicle designed for the transportation of deceased individuals. Here are the key features and components typically found in a freezer ambulance van:

  1. Refrigeration Unit:
    • Temperature Control: Maintains a consistent low temperature to preserve the body, typically around -15°C to -20°C.
    • Insulation: The van is well-insulated to maintain the required temperature during transport.
  2. Interior Design:
    • Spacious Compartment: Adequate space to accommodate one or more bodies, often with a sliding or fixed stretcher.
    • Secure Storage: Straps or fixtures to secure the body and prevent movement during transit.
  3. Sanitation:
    • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: The interior is designed with materials that are easy to disinfect and clean.
    • Drainage System: Some vehicles have a drainage system to handle any fluids.
  4. External Features:
    • Emergency Lights and Sirens: Similar to regular ambulances, these may be equipped with lights and sirens for navigating traffic swiftly.
    • Identification Markings: Clearly marked to indicate its purpose, ensuring respectful handling.
  5. Communication Systems:
    • Radio and Mobile Communication: For coordination with hospitals, morgues, or funeral homes.
  6. Additional Features:
    • Power Supply: Backup power sources to ensure the refrigeration unit remains operational during transit and temporary stops.

If you need to arrange for a freezer ambulance van, contact a specialized service provider that offers these vehicles, ensuring respectful and proper handling of the deceased.

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ICU Ambulance Service

An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ambulance is a specialized vehicle equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by trained medical personnel to provide critical care during transport. Here are key features and components typically found in an ICU ambulance:

  1. Medical Equipment:
    • Ventilators: For patients requiring respiratory support.
    • Monitors: To continuously track vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.
    • Defibrillators: For emergency cardiac resuscitation.
    • Infusion Pumps: For controlled delivery of medications and fluids.
    • Suction Units: To clear airways.
  2. Staff:
    • Paramedics and EMTs: Trained to provide advanced life support.
    • Nurses: Specializing in critical care.
    • Doctors: Sometimes on board for highly critical patients.
  3. Communication Systems:
    • Radio and Mobile Communication: For real-time communication with hospitals and emergency services.
    • Telemedicine Capabilities: Sometimes available for remote consultations with specialists.
  4. Interior Design:
    • Stretcher and Seating: Adjustable stretcher with seating for medical staff.
    • Storage: Secure compartments for medications and equipment.
    • Lighting and Climate Control: Adequate lighting for procedures and climate control for patient comfort.
  5. External Features:
    • Emergency Lights and Sirens: For safe and rapid transit through traffic.
    • Robust Suspension: To ensure a smooth ride and minimize patient discomfort.

If you need to arrange for an ICU ambulance, it’s important to contact a reliable emergency medical service provider that offers these advanced ambulances and highly trained personnel.


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