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Seba Ambulance Service in Bangladesh.  We provide different types of Ambulance services in all of Bangladesh 24/7Hours services are available. Contact Now 01786-433932



Emergency Ambulance service:

Emergency  Ambulance services in Dhaka, like in many other places, These ambulances provide emergency medical transportation for individuals who require immediate medical facilities. Seba Ambulance is the most popular and largest Company. our team trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Immediately regarding Ac-Ambulance services now contact Our helpline number some ambulance providers may offer ambulances equipped with air conditioning (AC) systems to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle when they Need Pasent Oxigen Then Give Oxygen Supply. especially during hot and humid weather, This can be beneficial for both patients and medical personnel. then

Our team is always prepared to provide ambulance services for Pasent. If you need an ambulance then contact us.

To access emergency ambulance services in Dhaka or out of Dhaka,

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Ac ambulance service 

Seba Ambulance Company provides  AC Ambulance service in Dhaka -Bangladesh. So patients can go anywhere at destination safely at any time.our AC Ambulance Service ensures a safe and comfortable ride for patients.Our AC Ambulance service is the best fastest service in Dhaka City and Bangladesh.

The Dhaka ambulance service is the super service in Dhaka city and all districts of Bangladesh.Our team is very responsible for any time. The ambulance will reach you at the right time. Our team members have been providing services in Dhaka city with a great reputation.

The fare of our AC ambulance has been cheap and rare for poor people. Our ambulance staff are trained by hospital doctors. Ambulance services aim to ensure that patients receive dependable  Put hospital care during the depression.

Since Our ambulances are available around-the-clock and transport patients from outlying 

Ac ambulance,Seba Ambulance,

Non Ac ambulance service 

A non-AC ambulance is an ambulance service that does not have air conditioning (AC) installed in the vehicle. Ambulances are used to transport patients, especially those in critical condition, between medical facilities or from emergencies to hospitals.

Non-AC ambulances are often used in situations where air conditioning may not be a critical requirement or where resources are limited. Non-AC ambulances are usually equipped with first aid supplies and equipment necessary to stabilize and transport patients.

It is important to remember that the choice between AC and non-AC ambulances depends on the region’s climate, patient condition and availability

May depend on factors such as resources. In some cases, air conditioning may be necessary to provide a comfortable environment for the patient

Non Ac Ambulance Service in Dhaka

Emergency Freezing Ambulance Service.

Medical Treatment:
The ambulance could be equipped with advanced cryogenic technology to rapidly lower the patient’s body temperature. This might be used in cases of cardiac arrest or traumatic injuries to slow down metabolic processes and reduce tissue damage.

 Specialized Stretcher Chambers:
The ambulance could have specialized chambers or pods that maintain a controlled low-temperature environment to transport patients safely and effectively.

Emergency Medical Support:
In addition to the cryogenic technology, the ambulance would still need to have all the essential medical equipment and personnel

Advanced Cooling Systems:
The ambulance might have cutting-edge cooling and refrigeration systems that can rapidly lower the temperature inside the treatment chamber without compromising patient safety.

Medical Personnel Training:
Medical professionals working in this type of ambulance service would require specialized training to understand the intricacies of cryogenic treatment,

Research and Development:
“Emergency Freezing Ambulance Service” is speculative, and such a service would involve significant technological, medical.


Seba Frezing Ambulance Service

Life Support  Ambulance service  

Advanced Medical Personnel: The ambulance is staffed by highly trained and experienced medical professionals such as paramedics,

Advanced Medical Equipment: The ambulance is equipped with a wide range of advanced medical equipment, including cardiac monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, and advanced airway management devices.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on Wheels: The ambulance might have a layout and equipment configuration similar to an intensive care unit, allowing for continuous monitoring and advanced medical procedures.

Specialized Trauma Care: The ambulance is equipped to provide specialized trauma care, including immobilization, wound management, and rapid transportation to trauma centers.

Advanced Airway Management: The medical personnel are skilled in advanced airway management techniques, including intubation and the use of advanced airway devices.

Cardiac Care: The ambulance is equipped to provide advanced cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, and administration of cardiac medications.

Effective Communication: The ambulance crew maintains effective communication with hospitals and medical facilities.


ICU Ambulance service Dhaka

Best ambulance service 

The Seba ambulance service is the best ambulance service in Bangladesh. To get an ambulance service just call our helpline.24-hour ambulance service is available

Our Ambulance services are Provided in Dhaka And Outside Dhaka. we are always ready for any situation. Just call us for an ambulance after Calling our car we will reach you within ten minutes insha Allah. We always work for a country developing and helping patients to reach medical. 

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