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Seba Ambulance Service in Dhaka. We provide AC Ambulance, Non AC Ambulance, Freezing Ambulance Services, And life support (ICU) Ambulance Services in Dhaka. Seba ambulance Company provides Emergency Ambulance services with 24-hour services are available.

Ambulance Service in Bangladesh.

An ambulance is a specially equipped vehicle used to transport sick or injured people to the hospital or medical facility for emergency medical treatment.AC Ambulances are typically staffed with trained medical professionals, such as paramedics or emergency medical technicians, who can provide basic medical care and life-saving interventions while en route to the hospital. Ambulances are equipped with medical supplies, equipment, and communication tools to ensure patients receive the necessary care during transport.

 Types of ambulances

Ambulances can be classified depending on whether or not they transport patients, and under what conditions
In some cases, ambulances may perform multiple functions (eg combining emergency ambulance care with patient transport

Emergency ambulance – The most popular common type of ambulance, which provides care to patients with an injury. These can be road-going vans, Car
air ambulances helicopters, and even converted vehicles such as golf carts.

  1. Patient Transport Ambulance (PTS):
    • Purpose: Non-emergency transport for patients who do not require urgent medical care.
    • Equipment: Basic medical equipment primarily for patient comfort and monitoring.
    • Personnel: Often staffed by drivers and attendants trained in basic first aid.
  2. Neonatal Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Specialized transport for newborns requiring intensive medical care.
    • Equipment: Incubators, neonatal ventilators, and other neonatal care equipment.
    • Personnel: Staffed by neonatologists, neonatal nurses, and specialized paramedics.
  3. Air Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Provides rapid transport over long distances or to inaccessible areas.
    • Types: Fixed-wing (airplane) and rotary-wing (helicopter) ambulances.
    • Equipment: Advanced life support equipment, similar to an MICU.
    • Personnel: Typically staffed by a flight nurse, paramedic, and sometimes a physician.
  4. Water Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Provides medical transport over water.
    • Equipment: Equipped with similar medical supplies as a BLS or ALS ambulance.
    • Personnel: Staffed by EMTs or paramedics trained in marine rescue.
  5. Bariatric Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Designed for transporting obese patients.
    • Equipment: Larger stretchers, ramps, and specialized lifting equipment.
    • Personnel: Staffed by EMTs or paramedics with training in handling bariatric patients.
  6. Emergency Psychiatric Ambulance:
    • Purpose: Transporting patients experiencing psychiatric emergencies.
    • Equipment: May include restraints and basic medical supplies.
    • Personnel: Staffed by EMTs and sometimes mental health professionals.
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